The Top 5 Content Writing Job Markets: Maximize Your Earnings

A freelance writer is an entrepreneur. Therefore, writing alone is not enough. You also need to sell your service. One of the best client acquisition strategies you can have as a content writer is having an online haven for content writing jobs.

Creating your work portfolio on websites like Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, and ProBlogger Job Board will give you significant exposure to your dream clients. For instance, I made over $800 as a beginner freelance content writer on Upwork.

Your pitches and proposals will get better with time. But the more training and mentorship you get in these areas, the faster you will thrive and earn from the top ten online havens for content writing jobs discussed below.

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Top 5 best freelance websites for content writers

Here are the top best freelance websites for content writing jobs;

1. Upwork

I created my Upwork profile in 2021 and got my first client on the platform within three weeks. The three weeks were a long wait, but that first job was the crucial one.

Many writers showcase their successes and tell you it\’s easy. But no! It\’s not. Here is a secret if you are new to Upwork: do not rush over the process. In short, take your time to edit, proofread, structure, and make your profile engaging and selling.

Another common misconception about Upwork is that you can fake your way in. No, you can\’t. The chances are so slim, given Upwork\’s recent website security improvements.

Use your true national ID and tax information to register on Upwork, and your days will be merrier. Also, keep up to date with the website\’s developments and take advantage of new features like setting up a consultation and being paid for sharing your expertise.

By integrating Upwork and mobile money, I can withdraw my payments with significant ease and flexibility. Don\’t worry if you don\’t use mobile money. Upwork can also pay you through PayPal, another digital wallet that\’s quite simple to set up.


  • Has a large number of clients and job listings available
  • Allows for flexible working arrangements and the ability to work remotely
  • It has a secure payment system and escrow feature for added protection for both clients and freelancers.


  • Highly competitive, with many freelancers bidding on the same projects

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a global online marketplace that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance professionals, including writers. It allows users to post projects and receive bids from freelancers and also allows freelancers to browse and bid on projects.

Use Freelancer to find freelance writing jobs. Create a profile, and bid on writing-related projects that match your skills and experience. It\’s also important to have a well-written proposal highlighting your qualifications and why you are a good fit for the project.

Freelancer also allows you to filter projects by budget, skills required, and location. It provides a feature for you to showcase your portfolio and for the employer to rate and review your work and performance.

Freelancer has an escrow feature, which allows the employer to deposit funds into an escrow account and release the money to you once the project is completed to their satisfaction.


  • Global online marketplace connecting businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance professionals
  • It allows you to post projects and receive bids from freelancers and also allows writers to browse and bid on projects.
  • It allows you to showcase your portfolio and the employer to rate and review your work and performance.


  • Highly competitive

3. ProBlogger Job Board


The name Walter Akolo might mean something to you if you are in the freelance writing industry. He has mentored thousands of writers, and I am lucky to be a beneficiary of his free minicourse. You can also take Walter\’s complete article writing training.

The point is I first heard of ProBlogger Job Board from him. I created a profile there immediately and made more than $300 on the platform from a one-time client. Like Upwork, ensure you\’ve completed 100% of your ProBlogger profile and make it compelling.

ProBlogger is one underestimated platform. But did you know the client pays to post their jobs on the platform? Oh, yes, they do. That speaks to the authenticity of the content writing jobs you can find there.

Don\’t apply for jobs you cannot do. Pick something you can guarantee your client quality.


  • Focuses specifically on freelance writing and blogging opportunities
  • It has a wealth of resources and information for freelancers looking to grow their writing careers
  • It has a community of writers and bloggers who can offer support and advice


  • Job listings may not be as frequently updated as on other platforms

4. LinkedIn

I have been on LinkedIn since 2017, but I never gave it critical attention until 2022. I knew I had to do something but did not take that action. They say we don\’t have a scarcity of information. What we have is a scarcity of execution.

So in 2022, I went to work on my LinkedIn profile to attract potential clients and increase my professional network. And here is something I learned from one of my LinkedIn colleagues.


He said that if you want to attract clients on LinkedIn, create \”Tips\” posts on your LinkedIn profile and add targeted hashtags. Be consistent with it, and the LinkedIn algorithm will increase your visibility. It has worked for me, and I think it will work for you too.

Offer tips to your followers, and your inbox will get flooded with clients ready to transact with you. Meanwhile, connect with me on LinkedIn for more tips on freelance writing and the digital nomad lifestyle.


  • It has a large network of professionals and businesses, making it a great platform for networking.
  • Allows freelancers to build a professional online presence and showcase their skills and experience.
  • It has a feature that allows clients to hire freelancers directly.


  • It may not have as many freelance writing job listings as other platforms.

5. Indeed

Indeed allows content writers to search for jobs by keyword, location, and title. The website allows writers to filter results by job type, experience level, and company size.

Once you\’ve found a job listing, you can view the full job description and apply directly on the website. Indeed also allows you to set up job alerts and get notified when new writing jobs that match your search criteria are posted.

To use Indeed to find content writing jobs, simply create a profile and search for writing-related keywords. Make sure to update your profile with your writing experience and skills.

It is also important to note that Indeed is a pay-per-click platform, meaning that employers pay to post job listings and to have them appear higher in search results. Therefore, thoroughly research any content writing job listing before applying to distinguish legitimate jobs from scams.


  • Wide variety of job listings available in different industries and locations
  • Allows writers to set up job alerts and get notified when new jobs matching their search criteria are posted
  • Allows writers to upload their resumes and cover letters for easy application


  • Some job listings may not be legitimate.

Best websites for freelance content writing jobs

In conclusion, many best online platforms are available for freelancers looking to find writing jobs. From Upwork to ProBlogger, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Freelancer. Each platform has features and benefits, so choosing the one that best suits your skills and experience is important.

It\’s also important to have a strong profile and portfolio and to present yourself well in proposals and bids. Remember to be vigilant against scams and thoroughly research any job listing before applying.

Using these platforms allows you to tap into a global market of employers looking for skilled and experienced writers. By showcasing your skills and experience, you can open up new opportunities for yourself and your career.

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