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Welcome to Andika Writers, your go-to source for top-notch content creation services. Before you embark on this journey with us, please take a moment to read and understand our terms and conditions.

By using our website and services, you agree to abide by these terms:

Scope of Work

1.1 Services

Andika Writers agrees to provide professional copywriting services to the Client according to the selected package: ​Starter, ​Pro, or ​Gold, as described below:

1.1.1 Starter Package

In this package, the Andika Writers will deliver content based on the client’s content calendar, providing up to 36,000 words of content spread across three months. The package includes competitor research, frequent communication, proofreading and editing services, one revision per copy, and 24/7 support.

1.1.2 Pro Package

Here, the Andika Writers will deliver content based on the client’s or the Andika Writers’ content calendar, providing up to 96,000 words of content spread across 6 months. The package includes in-depth topic and industry research, interviewing industry experts, free high-quality unlicensed images, fast turnaround, up to 2 revisions per copy, and priority response and support.

1.1.3 Gold Package

The Andika Writers will deliver content based on the client’s or Andika Writers’ content calendar, providing up to 240,000 words per year. The package includes comprehensive topic and industry research, stock images, interviews with industry professionals, up to 3 revisions per copy, content performance reports, and priority response and support.

1.2 Delivery Schedule

The Andika Writers will deliver the content every two days for the project’s duration as specified in the selected package. 

Payment Terms

2.1 Payment Amount

The Client agrees to pay the Andika Writers the respective package fee as follows:

  • Starter Package: The fee for the Starter Package is KES.49,000
  • Pro Package: The fee for the Pro Package is KES.89,000.
  • Gold Package: The fee for the Gold Package is KES.149,000.

2.2 Payment Schedule

The Client may make payment through

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal:
  • Binance Pay ID: 476894992
  • MPESA Pay bill: 247247, Acc. 0794677629

The payment schedule will be as follows:

2.2.1 For the Starter Package, the Client will pay 50% (KES.24,500) as an upfront deposit before the project starts and the remaining 50% (KES.24,500) upon completion.

2.2.2 For the Pro Package, the Client will pay 50% (KES.43,500)  as an upfront deposit before the project starts, 25% (KES.21,750) after the second month, and the remaining 25% (KES.21,750) upon completion of the project.

2.2.3 For the Gold Package, the Client will pay 50% (KES.75,000) as an upfront deposit before the project starts, 25% (KES.37,500) after the third month, and the remaining 25% (KES.37,500) upon completion of the project.

2.3 Late Payment

If the Client fails to make the payment within seven days after the due date, a late fee of KES.500 will be charged. If payment is not made within 7 days after the due date, the Andika Writers reserves the right to suspend or terminate the project.


3.1 Revision Policy

The Client is entitled to request revisions according to the selected package:

3.1.1 Starter Package

The Client can request up to 2 revisions for each piece of content.

3.1.2 Pro Package

The Client can request up to 3 revisions for each piece of content.

3.1.3 Gold Package

The Client can request up to 5 revisions for each piece of content.

3.2 Revision Requests

The Client must provide clear and specific feedback for each revision request. The Andika Writers will endeavor to complete the revisions within one day of receiving the request.

Ownership and Usage Rights

4.1 Copyright

Upon full payment, the ownership of the copywritten material will be transferred to the Client.

4.2 Usage Rights

The Client has the exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, and distribute the content as per their requirements. The Andika Writers may retain the right to display the work in a portfolio for promotional purposes.

4.3 Crediting the Andika Writers

The Andika Writers will be credited as the author of the copy unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


5.1. Communication Channels

Effective communication is crucial for a successful copywriting engagement. We will establish multiple communication channels to ensure seamless interaction between the Andika Writers and the Client. The primary communication channel will be the email. Other channels may include phone calls, video conferences, WhatsApp, or project management tools. The Client can choose their preferred method of communication, and we will accommodate their preference.

5.2 Communication Response Time

We strive to maintain prompt and timely communication with our clients. We commit to responding to client communication, including email or phone calls, within 12 hours on weekdays. We will respond within the next business day if a communication request is received over the weekend. By ensuring quick response times, we aim to address queries, concerns, or requests in a timely manner.

5.3 Monthly Review Meetings

We will schedule monthly review meetings to discuss the project’s progress, address any challenges, and align strategies if necessary. These meetings can be conducted in-person or through virtual platforms, per the Client’s preference. Monthly review meetings will provide an opportunity to dive deeper into project details, review performance metrics, and ensure that all parties are on the same page.


6.1 Reporting Frequency

We understand the importance of regular reporting to keep the ​Client updated on the progress of the copywriting project. Andika Writers will provide weekly reports, delivered every ​Friday, detailing completed work, milestones achieved, and any challenges encountered. These reports will be sent primarily via email and the client’s preferred communication channel.

6.2 Progress Updates

In addition to weekly reports, we will provide progress updates monthly. These updates will include a summary of the work completed, upcoming tasks, and any adjustments or changes to the ​project timeline. The Client will be able to track the project’s progress and have a clear understanding of the direction it is heading.

6.3 Content Status Reports

As part of our reporting process, we will include content status reports. These reports will provide detailed information on each piece of content, including the completion stage, pending revisions, and the estimated delivery date. The Client will have a comprehensive view of the status of their copywritten material at any given time.


7.1 Non-Disclosure Agreement

Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information or trade secrets provided during the project.

7.2 Non-Use Agreement

The Andika Writers agrees not to use any confidential information for personal benefit or share it with any third parties without prior written consent from the Client.

7.3 Duration of Confidentiality

The confidentiality obligations shall remain in effect during the project and for ten years after the termination of this Contract.


8.1 Refund Eligibility

Refunds may be requested under specific circumstances, such as if the content delivered does not meet the agreed-upon requirements or if there are significant defects in the copywriting services provided. Clients are required to provide clear and documented evidence to support their refund request.

8.2 Refund Request Process

To initiate a refund request, clients must notify Andika Writers in writing within 7 days of receiving the content. The written request should include a detailed explanation of the reasons for the refund and any supporting documentation.

8.3 Refund Method and Timeline

Upon approval of the refund request, we will refund the eligible amount within 14 days. The refund will be provided in the same payment form the client used during the initial transaction unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

8.4 Refund Resolution

Andika Writers will try to resolve any issues or concerns before proceeding with a refund. We may offer revisions or modifications to address the client’s concerns and ensure their satisfaction to the best of our abilities.


9.1 Termination by Either Party

Either party may terminate this Contract with written notice to the other party if:

7.1.1 One party breaches the terms of this Contract.

7.1.2 One party fails to deliver the agreed-upon work.

7.1.3 One party engages in unethical behavior.

9.2 Consequences of Termination

Upon termination of this Contract, the Andika Writers shall be entitled to payment for the work completed until the termination date. Any outstanding invoices shall be paid in full. The ownership rights of the completed work shall be determined according to the ownership and usage rights clause stated in Section 4 of this Contract.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Contract shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Kenya (BN-GVCJM5G3). Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Contract shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Your Country                             

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these terms and conditions or our website and services, please contact us at:

Andika Writers P.O. Box 1,00518 Nairobi, Kenya


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